Types of Burlap Valance Windows

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Window Valance is also known as a Pelmet. A valance is a decorative devise concealing the hardware to support the curtains or blinds. The use of valance was in great vogue during the Victorian ages; however its roots may be traced back to the Renaissance times.

Today, valances may be used as a great way to hide any architectural flaws.

Types of Burlap Valance Windows

Valances may be designed in a number of ways, it may be pleated, scalloped, pointed, arched, layered, gathered or with a grommet top. As mentioned before valances maybe supported by a simple rod or a wooden bulky support.

Valances can be made out of almost any type of fabric- silk, cotton, velvet, polyester or burlap.

Burlap Fabrics are most preferred. They are made of woven fibers that are loosely woven together. Even though it gives a most rustic look, it looks traditional and is pocket friendly. It is an economic and easily maintainable substitute to the silks and velvets used for home decoration. Burlap fabrics may the used in its natural color or maybe dyed to a color of choice. Burlap fabrics are mostly got from the Indian subcontinent.

big bedroom window with burlap curtains

Types of Burlap

The term burlap typically means a coarse or rough in nature.

Jute is the burlap which is widely used. It is a thick course material mostly used as fabric.
It requires prior treatment to prevent the occasion shedding, blemish and for the removal of the scent. Jute is mostly used to make ropes or sacks, but when treated and used artistically as an upholstery item.

Canvas burlap has a loose weave and smother and softer than jute. As the term rightly defines it, it is used as canvases for paintings.

Hemp was mostly used in the China and a few Middle Eastern countries. This material is less coarse in nature. The best visual description of hemp would be the same material used on ships as sails.

Flax is also known as primitive or hairless linen. This is smoother and less coarse than jute or hemp.

The burlap material can be got in several grades and qualities. They are also woven in different ways to give the fabric a particularly distinct look. The fabric may be woven loosely or very tightly.

Burlaps are sturdy material, ideal for Window Valances. If used in its natural earthy colors they are easy to maintain and don’t require high cost of sustenance. Water should be strictly avoided to clean burlap fabrics as it may tarnish the texture. They should be ideally vacuumed or dusted from time to time.

The choice of burlap should be made keeping in mind the environment and room setting. If place is a constraint a lighter tightly woven burlap fabric for a window valance would be ideal. Burlap may provide a very rustic feeling to a decorator, but when designed in and arranged imaginatively and with great creativity can change the appearance of a room. Burlap is a great option to consider for window valances. It makes the environment look simple and earthy.

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