Install Your Own Door with Built in Dog Door

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If you have dog, it’s important to have door with built in dog door. But, if your house doesn’t have dog door to begin with, you can install the dog door separately. Here are few types of dog door that you can choose for your house.

The Thermal Flap Dog Door

The dog door with thermal flap is good choices for your house. This dog door won’t affect your house temperature when the weather outside is cold. You also don’t need to install extra insulator with this dog door type. And, your dog will be able to go in and out easily. Most of door with built in dog door has this feature, however, there are many mounted dog door that has this feature, so, you don’t need to worry.

Door with Built in Dog Door Home Depot

The Electronic Dog Door

This is the best choices and advance dog door that you can use. Unlike most of door with built in dog door, this dog door has sensor that can detect your dog and open the dog door. This sensor also prevents other wild animal, like raccoon, squirrel or cat to go inside your house.  However, it is little bit expensive than other dog door. But, with the feature that it offered, it’s worthy to have.

Exterior Door with Built in Cat Door Lowes
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