How to Make Wood Room Dividers with Low Budget

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The wood room dividers are one of good addition for your room, especially if you have large room. You can easily get two different rooms with different design without spending too much money. Now, if you want to use wood room dividers, you don’t need to buy it. There are few methods that you can use to get it with low budget.

Used Door                                   

You can use your used door to make wood room dividers for your room. Make sure you choose the door that has similar wood material. Pine would be good choices, because it has good texture and high durability. To make wood room dividers from your used door, you just need to connect the long edge of the door with hinge, so, you can adjust how wide you want to open your room divider easily. Paint it with same color and you get your own wood room dividers.

Wooden Room Dividers

Window Blind

You can use wooden window blind to make wood room dividers. Just make few wood frames, place the wooden window blind in the middle of it and connect the frames with hinge for easy adjustment. This is also great method to create wood room dividers, because you will have many choices for texture, pattern and color.

Carved Wood Room Dividers
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