How to install a doggie door for sliding doors

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A dog in time longer is just your pet but becomes a part of your family. Somehow, you start considering them as you children and ironically they start inculcating human tendencies. This may sound strange to people who do not have pets but caregivers will definitely agree. Installing a doggie door into a sliding door only enhances the dog to be more independent.

The panels are available in multiple sizes according to the desired requirement. There panels can be easily attached and the complications of installation and insertion can be easily avoided. This is ready available at pet stores or general stores.

Installing Pet Doors for Sliding Doors in Glass Material

To start with the process it is firstly important, to measure the dog’s height. Ideally the flap should be at least two inches higher than the dog’s height. This will allow the dog the comfort to move in and out.

The measurement should be taken from the highest point of the sliding door (from inside the track) to the lowest point of the sliding door (from inside the tack). If your sliding door is not as per the measurements of a standard sliding door, a special customized panel may have to be ordered. This is also the case incase the dog is very large. It is important not to assume that all conditions and requirements are the same for everyone.

Place the dog’s panel at a convenient place. It is easier to install the same in the glass track, so that the dog may find it easy to navigate in and out. When the doggie door is flushed with the doorjamb, the sliding door opens and closes accordingly. It is a perfect devise to allow your dog the independence of movement, and not limiting them indoors. It also saves you from constantly having to open and close doors or having to monitor the dog’s movements.

Installing Pet Doors for Sliding Doors in Glass Material

Install a doggie door

Next open the sliding door, position the panel upright, press it firmly against the height adjuster (mostly at the top of the sliding door), and now fit the panel into the track. Push the panel to the doorjamb.

Fix the panel into the track with the help of a screwdriver and other appendages that come with the package. Also decide whether locks- semipermanant or other wise are to be installed. Accordingly a hole must be drilled into the side of the adjacent door. A pin lock can then be inserted. Test to see if the lock works effectively.

Finally, it is important to see how your dog adjusts to the new arrangement. Since, dogs are usually accustomed to wait for the door to be opened for them by someone, initial training by help to smooth the transition to independence.

Dogs require frequent outdoor exercise and are trained to do their dirty jobs outside the house. Installing a doggie door with your sliding door is an easy process that in turn saves a lot of energy and time. It enables the dog and the foster parent to comfortably move around with having to hamper either ones schedules.

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