French Patio doors with blinds, basic understanding

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Patio doors provide a great European look to a room. They appear to promising lead to a beautiful landscape. French Patio doors have been a rage since times immemorial; perhaps the Renaissance periods would be more documented.

French doors are typically a series of doors, attached or connected to each other by hinges. More traditionally, the French designs used for patio doors are made from wooden frames, with glass panel setting in them. The glass setting enables a viewer to enjoy the scenic beauty outside. Elitist houses during the Renaissance period till the early 1900s, were grounded on vast expanses surrounded by beautiful landscapes which provided quite a feast to the eyes.


Today, the French doors, provides an elegant and classy look to any room even without a gorgeous landscape to look out to. There is typically no fixed deign to a French door. The proportion of wood and glass may vary according to the individuals appeal. However, it is obvious that if the proportions of glass are more, the more delicate the structure will be.

For convenience sake and to lower costs, aluminum frames are also used instead of the wooden frames, which is requires attention and maintainace.

The color of the frames must also be selected appropriately. Ideally the best choice would be to select a color corresponding to the room. Another feasible option should be to match it to the color used in the patio. The darker the choice of color used on the frame the more distinct stand-outish characteristic feature of the door is made. The lighter the color the more the door blends into the room.

french-patio-doors-with blinds inside

Blinds have the similar or it is safe to say the same function as that of a curtain, which is to provide shade to the room. Typically, blinds are made of several horizontal or vertical slats of a material. These materials can comprise of wood, fabrics, plastic or metal. A range of control systems can used to control the same. Blinds may be arranged sideways or pulled down.

Combination French Patio doors with blinds

A combination French Patio doors with blinds works very well. Since the French Doors will have glass panels, the blinds will provide shade to the room. Architecturally, the design works best, with the French Patio doors opening outwards and the blinds in the room. The logic behind the same would be that the blinds do not prove to be an obstruction to the doors. The doors may easily be opened or closed and the blinds pulled down whenever required. This arrangement also gives the designer the liberty to choose any form of blind and their corresponding control according to their fancy.

The French door and blind combination is perfect in places where space is a concern. As opposed to a curtain, that makes the room appear to be bulky. The blinds, provides a sleeker look to the room. The combination of the two will add to the elegancy and makes to room appear spacious and neat.

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