2 Important Tips for Choosing Right Garage Door Vents

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The garage door vents is one of important thing that your garage must have. The vent isn’t only useful for air circulation, but, with right choice, you can use it as decoration for your garage door.

The Vent Size

The size of garage door vents that you need is at least 1/10 of your garage door wide. Use two or four garage door vents, so, the air can circulate smoothly. You also need to consider the size of the hole on the ventilation. Choose the size that is not too big, so, there is no wild animal like snake can enter your garage through it. Or, if you want to use big size garage door vents, you can use filter that you can place inside the ventilation.

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The Location

The most common location of garage door vents is on the bottom part of your garage door. This is important, because it can help the air circulate easily inside your garage and most of air ventilation of your garage is on top part of your garage wall.  You can use garage door with built in vent or you can make hole on your garage door and use extra vent that you can get from many store.

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